Power Curber 5700-C: Flat slipforming
and special applications

Our range of custom moulds make your Power Curber 5700-C one machine for multiple uses. Curb and gutter, motorway barriers, variable barriers, drainage, steps, tight radius islands and more, all available with our quick connect mould mount to change jobs quickly.

Pavements and pathways

Quick connect mould mount diagram

The Power Curber 5700-C pours sidewalk or monolithic sidewalk and curb up to 2.1m wide in the offset position. Equipping the machine with trimmer extensions, you can match the cut to your pavement.

The 5700-C’s adjustable offset allows you to pour behind existing curb and over planter strips. Pavement mold options include detachable side-plates for pouring adjacent to curb and for secondary sidewalk widths.

Cable barrier installation

Apron addition over steel

In some highway applications as an alternative to concrete barrier, cable barrier is used. In these applications the 5700-C contributes in two ways. Using a custom mold in the traditional setup, the machine easily pours a “no-mow” concrete strip which reduces vegetation maintenance under barrier cable.

Before paving the no-mow strip, our post hole digger attachment allows you to quickly and accurately bore holes for anchor posts. Because of the automatic steering and leveling of a slipform machine, the holes are bored more accurately than with traditional auger equipment. Then, pour over the holes and insert the post sleeves into the wet concrete.

Center Pour Paving

Centre pour pavement 3m wide

The 5700-C can be converted into a center-pour paver for wide golf cart and bicycle path paving. Using inserts, the right rear crawler post is moved to allow a paving mold to be installed for widths up to 3m.

Sectionalised with side-plate assemblies and inserts at 1.5m, 1m, and 0.5m widths, the center pour kit gives you the flexibility to pour between 1.5m and 3m wide in 0.5m increments. The hydraulically adjustable side-plates allow the paving depth to vary up to 305mm thick.

Conversion from the standard offset paving setup requires dropping the auger conveyor and trimmer. Concrete is dumped directly into a hopper at the front of the mold and the paving package’s auger spreads the concrete across the hopper.

V-Ditch Applications

V ditch 1.5m wide and 0.5m deep, in Peru

Frequently in mountainous areas, concrete lined ditches are required for water control. V-ditch molds easily mount to the 5700-C similar to pavement molds.

Because the trimmer cannot be used in V-ditch applications, preparation of the ditch profile in front of the machine is critical for good results and to avoid wasted concrete.

The 5700-C pours V-ditch up to 1.8m wide and 610mm deep in the offset position.

Slotted Drain

Slotted drain showing inflated tube

One unique application for the 5700-C is for slotted drain pours. In this application, an inflated polymer-based tube is fed into the front of a custom mould during the pour. The mould is built with a slot from the gutter pan to the cavity created by the tube.

After the concrete has cured, the tube is deflated and pulled from the curb leaving a hidden drainage channel.

Stadium Risers

Slipforming stadium risers - machine runs on previous days pour

The 5700 series machines have poured concrete risers beginning with stadiums used in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Since then Power Curber machines have poured risers for baseball, football and sports stadiums worldwide.

Typically, custom moulds for this application encompass two risers in one pass.

Beginning at the bottom of the stadium, risers are poured and the machine works its way up, running on the risers poured the previous day.

Agricultural Applications

From the foundations of large poultry houses to livestock feeding troughs, to beds and flush lanes in cattle barns, the 5700-C adapts to the job with a variety of custom molds.

We’ve developed optional trencher/trimmers for use in digging the footings required for poultry house foundations. These powerful custom trimmers typically excavate subgrade up to 305mm deep eliminating the need for a backhoe or other equipment to dig the trenches.

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