Power Curber 5700-C: Features

At Power Slipformers we believe in keeping things simple. Our engineering and design are based around providing customers with an easy to operate, reliable, and productive machine. This design strategy is evident throughout the Power Curber 5700-C.

Auger Conveyor

Auger conveyor on the Power Curber 5700-C slipformer

After years of building machines with conveyor belts and dealing with their inherent problems like ripping in the middle of a pour and the concrete splatter they cause, Power Curbers introduced the auger conveyor in 1994.

It is the best change weíve made to a machine.

The direct drive, high torque auger:

Hydraulic Adjustable Offset

Hydraulic adjustable offset on concrete slip former machine

The mold mount on the 5700-C moves hydraulically giving you the ability to raise, lower, and side shift your mold quickly and easily. With 610mm of horizontal movement and 406mm vertical, the mold can be lowered into a trench for rehab curb or for pouring adjacent to existing pavement.

At catch basins, the machine never leaves the stringline and the mold can be positioned within inches of the obstacle reducing labor intensive tie-in work. The offset also gives you greater versatility when setting up on jobsites that may have obstructions like manhole covers, planter strips, and uneven subgrade.



The stout 1.07m wide carbide-tooth trimmer handles the toughest of subgrade minimizing your dependence on the grading contractor. Ideally the trimmer cuts 25-50mm of subgrade, but is capable of trimming up to 150mm in extreme situations.

The trimmer also hydraulically side shifts 2.03m giving you the ability to trim for a 1.5m radius or to move the trimmer under the machine and out of the way when not in use. With 406mm of hydraulic vertical movement, the trimmer can lift over catch basins and other obstacles.

Cuts grade allowing you to pour without wasting concrete or running the mold into high spots.

Pour on the Left and Right Side

The standard setup of the 5700-C is for left side pouring. If your work involves highway projects where you must pour with traffic, the dual side pouring option is a huge plus. Changeover from side to side is around 3 to 4 hours.

left and right side pour option on the Power Curber slipformer

Choice of Control Systems

In order to keep things simple for your operator, we've kept analog controls as the standard for many years. On the 5700-C, we offer our Smart Ampô control system which combines the simplicity of analog with the added benefits of a digital controller.

The Smart Ampô system offers the operator more accuracy and greater feel when setting sensitivity, without complexity. The system performs self diagnostics, automatically shuts off sensors if they leave the stringline, and has an easy to read digital display.

Our optional controller, the fully networked digital control system gives you the added benefits of an advanced graphic display and auto-slope control on the go when transitioning from in-flow to out-flow. The network system also features cruise control, which can contribute to a smoother finished product. Best of all, the system is 3-D ready, when 3-D is ready for your jobsite.